I’ll make you a better golfer. It’s my job.

As a PGA-certified Teaching Pro, I can teach your elementary-school-aged child the rules and basics, or I can cure a scratch handicapper of a sudden case of the yips. And everyone else in between. In my 25 years of teaching, I’ve done it all. I eat, drink and breathe golf, so you can play better and enjoy it more.

Golf instruction based on your specific goals.

The beauty of working with a living, breathing Teaching Pro is that we can address your specific strengths, weaknesses and aspirations. The "product" you’ll receive from me is a program of instruction that you’ll hone with me, and practice and perfect on the range.

You won’t be starting all over, you’ll start from where you are now.

You’ll see better results, faster, if we build on what you’re doing well, instead of re-booting you. My job will be to make you more consistent, less erratic, more focused. You’ll increase the fun you have, while lowering your scores.


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Mark Evenson
The Suburban Club
7600 Park Height Avenue
Pikesville MD 21208

Work: 410-602-7619
Cell: 443-286-6641

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