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The secret of Mark Evenson is out – which is a good thing if you want to improve your golf game.

I’ve been seeing Mark Evenson as a student for the past several years, and through that time, I would also consider him a good friend as well.   There are a number of things that set Mark apart and make him one of the top PGA instructors you will find.

Mark is first and foremost a teacher, committed to his students.  Instruction is not a sideline activity for him – teaching is his profession and top priority.  My goals and aspirations became his.

For starters, he’s got a solid foundation in the sport – not just a student of swing mechanics.  He draws upon years of experience from collegiate golf, Nationwide and PGA Tour events, and from Middle Atlantic Section of the PGA tournaments.  That experience and keeping his own game fresh, helps him teach how to cope with pressure, competition and fitness – helping his students take their game from the range to the course where it matters.

Not only does Mark continue to leverage the use of technology with his students, he also does not stop learning himself.  He expends considerable effort to year after year improve and learn new teaching techniques for the benefit of his students.

I am a stubborn learn, and head-case – Mark is patient and adaptive – seeking out new drills, new ways to describe and feel the sensations I need to improve upon and make lasting.  I think many might have given up on me at times, but Mark is committed to teaching and making me better no matter what it takes to get there.  Period.  He doesn’t see set-backs, only opportunities.

His commitment doesn’t just stop at the lesson tee – his follow-up emails with lesson summaries, video clips or drills I need to practice help me stay organized and focused on the next steps.  Mark has always made himself available to me by phone, email or by responding to numerous 911 text messages after a bad round.  He always gets back to me with positive reinforcement and a lesson plan or reminder of what we are working on to get back on track.

I wish I had some negative things to say about Mark so no one would want to see him and I could have him all to myself.  But I just can’t think of any…..besides being a great guy to get to know, he has a great deal of talent and is an extremely gifted teacher   If you are looking for professional instruction that is committed to you and making your game the best it could possibly be, look no further.

-Andrew Gospodarek


Mark has been teaching me for close to 15 years. He is a great teacher. He takes the time to make sure I understand what he is trying to teach me without making it too hard to understand. When I first started seeing Mark I was about a 28 handicap and over the years Mark has had me as low as a 4 handicap. I enjoy my time on the range with Mark because when I leave I always feel better about my game. I highly recommend him to anyone.

-Tim Krug


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