Teaching Philosophy

I have studied the golf swing for 25 years. I obsess over swing mechanics and proven teaching techniques. I need – and have – the technical background to teach (the PGA certification attests to that). But having these tools is only part of what makes me an effective teacher. My teaching consists of:

  • Listening – it sounds basic, but I won’t assume I know what you want.
  • Assessment – of your physical build, your athletic abilities, your attitude
  • Initial swing analysis – the benchmark
  • A roadmap – with interim goals that lead to the ultimate objective
  • Playing lessons – huge help in getting students past their fear of change
  • Ongoing video swing analysis – posted, in series, online for 24/7 review
  • Access to me – via phone or email

Even the best golfers only get so far by themselves.

The fact that you’re considering getting help with your golf game puts you in great company (Woods, Michelson, et al). Armed with your desire for constant improvement, I can strengthen the parts of your game that need strengthening. Maybe you want to learn to hit a draw, or a fade, or master the sand wedge. We’ll build on what you have and add what you don’t. And your fun quotient will soar in the process!


Contact Info

Mark Evenson
The Suburban Club
7600 Park Height Avenue
Pikesville MD 21208

Work: 410-602-7619
Cell: 443-286-6641

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Golf Quotes

It's good sportsmanship not to pick up lost balls while they are still rolling. ~Mark Twain
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